New release: Twilight “Love’s High (DJ Enki remix)”

Written by DJ Enki on January 13, 2011

Coming through with beats for which I've been searching!

When Groove Merchant’s Vinnie Esparza sold me the limited-edition re-issue of the Twilight album, he did so on one condition: That I remix the last song, a pretty little synth-and-vocal vamp called “Love’s High.” He was joking about that condition, but I decided to do the remix anyway. Vinnie dug it and passed it along to Ubiquity records, which handled the re-issue, and they loved it. The loved it so much, in fact, that they wanted to include it on a special remix single they had planned in which they’d put three songs from Ubiquity’s recent catalog on one side of a record and a remix of each of those songs on the flip. Well, that vinyl is finally out, so you can get the DJ Enki edit of “Love’s High” for your own record collection. You can buy both the vinyl and the MP3s directly from Ubiquity. Check it out!

2 Comments to “New release: Twilight “Love’s High (DJ Enki remix)””

  1. Paul Says:

    I am very glad that Ubiquity made this call, and that you made this mix. Absolutely killer club friendly floor filler remix. Props!

  2. DJ Enki Says:

    Thanks, Paul! I never really know how well any of these things get received, so it’s great to hear that you dig it.

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