Track the Movement (Sat. Nov. 5)

Written by DJ Enki on November 2, 2011

Don't lose it!

Hey, you guys remember rap records, don’t you? Hip-hop DJs used to spin them before Serato took over the game.

Jerry Nice remembers rap records, so he started this dope party called Track the Movement that gave us DJs who still keep shelves full of dope rap wax a place to spin those records. I did this party last year and had a real good time revisiting my collection–I have some records I had forgotten about!–and now it’s time for me to invade again and get busy with it. If you love that good ol’ rap music, then this is definitely the party for you. Better yet, it’s free, and there are plenty of drink specials, so come kick it and get down to some great tunes.

Saturday, November 5

The Showdown (6th & Market, SF)
Jerry Nice and DJ Enki spin top-quality rap strictly off wax. No computers allowed!
No cover!

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