New mixtape: Blendapella 2 is here!

Written by DJ Enki on July 9, 2013

Blendapella 2

Back in 2006, the homie DJ Platurn and I put out Blendapella, a mixtape that was meant to showcase the craft of blending, which we worried was become a lost DJ skill. The mix was quite successful for us, and we kept talking about doing a sequel, but it took us several years to be able to actually get to work on it. Well, we finally did get to work on it, and even though it took us a full year to complete (damn, real life really gets in the way when you’re trying to coordinate schedules!), we think it was worth the wait.

But don’t take my word for it–judge for yourself:

In 2006, we made Blendapella as a reaction to the then-burgeoning concept of the “mash-up DJ.” Seven years later, DJing has moved even further in the direction of hype over ability. DJ-in-a-box has become not just real, but commonplace. New technology keeps pushing DJs further away from the craft of DJing, and it’s almost to the point that a DJ actually DJing live is the exception and not the rule. So we felt it was time to revisit the Blendapella concept and get back to basics. Every sound on this mix comes from original-pressing vinyl, and the blending was done live by DJs instead of in post-production by software. Enjoy!
— DJs Enki & Platurn PKA The Blend Kings

Blendapella 2 is only available as a stream for the moment, but we’ve posted it up at Bandcamp, where we’re asking a $7 download charge. This money will help us press up some physical copies (i.e. CDs), which we would really like to do.

And thank you as always for your support! Without y’all, none of this stuff happens in the first place.

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