How to be an opening DJ

Written by DJ Enki on March 29, 2011 – 9:48 pm -

Yes, I know that apostrophe shouldn't be there. I didn't make this image.

Not too long ago, I went to check out a good friend of mine spinning at a local club. The night was a success overall, but it was unfortunately marred by the opening DJ. My friend was distressed by the opener, and he was right to feel that way — the opening DJ did not do his job, and my friend fretted that he was going to have to tear everything down and start the party over from scratch when he got on, which he should not have to do.

Fortunately, it didn’t quite turn out that way–another DJ relieved the opener for the last half-hour of the opening slot and did a much better job of it, so my friend didn’t have to do the work of both opener and headliner, but the first DJ remained a point of consternation.

So it got me thinking: What are the rules for being a good opening DJ? If the guy who opened for my friend got an F (and he did), what would you need to do to get an A?
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