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I finally did a long-overdue overhaul!

I've spent the past several years playing a lot of gigs, making a lot of music, and working on a lot of projects. Meanwhile, my website remained stuck in 2010. So in anticipation of some new music coming out (stay tuned for that), I decided to punch this sucker up again. Even more importantly, I've added a bunch of music that had previously fallen off the internet, so make sure you check out the Music page for all that! And of course, keep checking back--I'll be adding all sorts of new stuff as I get this site up and running.

Man, am I excited about this one! At long last, I finally have my first 45 out! It’s a slightly different look for me–more disco/house, less boom-bap–and I can comfortably say it’s the best thing I’ve produced to date. The Faultline Project is vocals by Kisura Hendrix and K. Nightshift and beats and scratches by me, and our first offering is a pair of full-on summer jams. “Skate & Move” is a piece of classic roller boogie, and “Gimme Lovin'” brings an uptempo bounce; both of them are nothing but good vibes and sunshine music.

The vinyl is limited edition and with a full-color cover (shown above). You can buy it via Fat Beats, and you can buy the vinyl and/or the digital tracks (including instrumentals not available on vinyl) through Bandcamp. Check the media player below to hear them for yourself. Enjoy! And as always, thank you for supporting my music!

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