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The wait is over. I have officially released my new EP, Négatité. It's my first foray into downtempo music, and the response so far has been amazing!

Thank you so much to everybody who's listened to, downloaded, or purchased the EP (I especially appreciate the purchases--it's available for free, but choosing to pay for it means a lot). Considering how personal this work is, I wanted it to find its audience. I think it's slowly doing that, which is gratifying to say the least.

If you're the streaming type, the EP is on Spotify as well for your listening pleasure. You can find it on other platforms (Tidal, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.) via the Négatité linktree.

Thank you for listening! I hope you feel this music.

I know I've been quiet for years, but I'm still here, and I have a new EP coming out in June! The EP is called Négatité, and it's a whole new sound for me: Downtempo, moody, more Portishead than Preemo. Definitely my most meaningful work to date, and something I'm really proud of. But instead of reading my attempts to describe it, why not check out "Hard-Fought Progress," the first prerelease off it? You can hear it directly off my Bandcamp page, and you can find it on multiple streaming services via this linktree.

I'll be releasing another song in May, and then the rest of the EP in June. Stay tuned!

This is really cool: Nathan Rabin, the man who wrote Weird Al: The Book with Weird Al himself and whose forthcoming The Weird Accordion to Al takes an in-depth look at Weird Al's discography, gave my "Waxing Weird: A Tribute to 'Weird Al' Yankovic" mixtape high praise indeed in this really cool article about the current wave of Weird Al appreciation. I agree with Nathan's premise that there should be a whole ecosystem of Weird Al tributes and appreciations. "Waxing Weird" is my contribution to that ecosystem, and I'm so happy to see it gaining such acceptance and praise.

And if you haven't checked out "Waxing Weird" yet, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Bandcamp and give it a listen (or a download, or even a purchase)!

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